The Digital Graphic Design revolution started with the Macintosh Plus, the Laserwriter and Adobe Postscript.

This is the first Mac I owned (1986), now a collector's item. But still working, now with 2 MB memory! I made complete books on it, cut the laserprints and pasted them in a camera-ready lay-out.

Somewhat later the pages could be produced by the Linotronic, direct on film.

A huge revolution, because in 1964 I was working in a printer's shop, and they were still using lead.


I like to start up the old machines and run old programs on it. Recently I upgraded an old Quadra 800, and added some memory. Now the Quadra is working with an incredible 108 mb (32 mb was the standard).

Some programs, like the 3D font program of Pixar (yes!, of Steve Jobs) do things normal pc's can't do so easy (I think). Look at this:




But on new pc's you also can do nice things now. Some examples:








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