Sybrand Photography

works with over 400 customized lenses and uses special software to achieve optimal sharpness and saturated colors.

We are doing portraits, food, tiny objects, whatever you want, but always with superb colors, an incredible depth of field and a lot of pixels ...



Key-words are:

*optimal sharpness & high resolution

* maximum depth of field

* no color-shift (fringing)

* no distortion or vignetting

* natural colors

*digital dye transfer

*lossless blow-up




























































(The original gelatin-silverprint is 19,4 x 24 cm)













Make Art, Not War




Make toys, not tanks.












DOF: the N161 (Minolta/Staeble) TS on Pentax 12 mps. One shot, no focusbracketing!

Wow! N162: Pentax/Voigtlander (basic file 12 mps)